Leaning & Sagging Fences

Over time, fences often begin to sag due to erosion or improper installation. If your fence is beginning to lean or fall over, contact SPS Professional Fence for immediate, professional repair. We’ll identify the cause of any issues you’re experiencing and present you with the best options for replacement or repair. We’ll re-dig post holes, repair damaged fence sections, and ensure your property has a sturdy, straight fence that will keep you safe and protect your privacy.

If your fence posts have rotted or corroded due to moisture, water pooling and high humidity, there’s no better business to call for repair or replacement than Sexton Property Services. Our wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link fence repair team will quickly and efficiently replace any damaged sections of your fence. We have a variety of tools and equipment to get the job done right and completely repair your fence to keep it standing straight for years to come

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